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7 Steps to Success

 Now Get the Proven “Shortcut” to the Best Version of YOU

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Tired of feeling “stuck” where you are? Ready to move off that plateau?

“SUCCESS” – whether in business, sports, or any other area of Life...

 ...can only be defined according to YOUR personal values and goals. But WHATEVER it means to you, Christina Skytt’s new “7 Steps To Success” training program is your ticket to the FAST LANE. 

This is the condensed, c’mon-I’m-in-a-hurry version of the high-achiever training that has already propelled HUNDREDS of top executives and other leaders, throughout Europe and around the world, to greater and greater levels of success than they ever believed themselves capable of reaching. 

7 Steps To Success gives you an easy-to-follow, easy-to-apply framework for goal-setting (and ACHIEVING) that only needs YOUR VISION to complete...

 ...and then goes one critical step further to imbue you with the sort of powerhouse drive, unshakable belief, and single-minded focus you need to reach that next level of success and beyond. 

GUARANTEED! (And I mean that quite literally, as you’ll see below.)

What exactly is ”7 Steps To Success”?

It’s THE online program for people like you - who seek success in life

It’s for people who want to reach their full potential. It’s a 7 week hands-on online training program where I go in depth in every step of the seven steps and I’ll teach you much more than I’ve already taught you. This is the highway to your success.

The course will walk you through the process, step-by-step, virtually guaranteeing you'll have a solid, actionable plan in place before the end of the program. These are the 7 steps:

  • Decide What You Want In this lesson, we'll make a deep dive into what you really want in life and I’ll help you define what success is to you. Then I’ll teach you how to decide what you want to do, be and have – to make life happen FOR you, instead of TO you.
  • The Power of Goal Setting In this lesson we’ll start by identifying the power of setting goals, then we’ll talk about how to define goals and finally we’ll create YOUR goals.
  • Chunk it Down Sometimes our goals can seem so overwhelming. That's why I’m going to help you manage the different action steps in order to accomplish your goal.
  • Get in Charge of Your Life This lesson is about mindset. Unless you fully embrace this principle taking full responsibility for your life, none of the other steps will have any effect. That’s what successful people do and I’ll teach you how you can do it too.
  • Grow Into the Person You Need to Be to Succeed This is the core of personal development. We’re going to talk about how you’re going to prepare yourself and develop as a person, to reach your success. I will also teach you WHY you should challenge your comfort zone.
  • Action Action Action I’ll teach you how action is the key to success and we’ll cover when the right moment is to start. But really, this lesson is about how to get going, how to get busy and start doing!
  • Positive Persistence In the last lesson I’ll give you the secret sauce to success – persistence and how to go about it. Not giving up is probably the single most common quality of high achievers, but it is also where most people fail.

The good news, once you register, the course is available 24/7 after each lesson is released. So you’re able to learn when it’s most convenient for you. That means if something comes up and you miss a few days or even a couple of weeks, it’s not a problem. You just pick up where you left off.  

I want you to have everything you need to succeed which is why you are getting even more than the core curriculum.  

I’m including a closed FB group where you and I can communicate, where you can place questions to me and my team. I will be in the FB group and answer questions on a continuos basis. I will also do Q&A sessions on FB live on a weekly basis. You will of course be able to interact with other members of the 7 steps to success community - this is a real bonus since like minded are hard to find ”out there” and you will be there for each other to excel together.

Not exactly for EVERYONE though... 

There’s one thing I keep hearing from other people considering this program: “How do I know it’s right for ME, though?  

And the simplest answer is you really CAN’T know for certain until you give it a try – take it for a spin, as some say.  

That’s why I’ve taken the following measure to remove any risk whatsoever from “trying” it by offering you my 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee that simply states:  

“If you’re not completely THRILLED with what you learn in the 7 Steps To Success program, or the results you get when you apply it ANYWHERE in your life (within 30 days), simply let me know, and I will refund your entire investment. PERIOD!”  

Of course, I can make such a promise because I’m so certain you WILL be thrilled – just like the other success-seekers I’ve personally trained over the past 15 years. 

And removing all the risk this way makes it a drop-dead-simple decision for you to say “YES!” to checking it out – and seeing for yourself, firsthand, whether it’s right for you too. 

So WHO would I recommend for this program in PARTICULAR? 

Well, if any of these points resonate with you: 

  • You have reached a certain level of success, but are having trouble taking it to the next level… 
  • You feel you haven’t reached any REAL success yet – at least, not the level of success you crave and deserve – but you’re ready to implement the framework and strategies this program gives you… 
  • Or you’ve read my book “Power Goals” or my book “Boom to Success” or you follow my video blog One Minute Inspiration, and now you’re looking for a deeper level of instruction and guidance… 

…then I HIGHLY recommend you join me inside 7 Steps to Success while the doors are still open. 

Add to Cart $297


IF you are dissatisfied in ANY way, with what you get in this program, then I want you to let me know. With our 30 day money-back-guarantee, I will promptly and courteously refund every penny you invested in it. No questions. No hassles. And absolutely NO risk on your part. 

 About Christina

Christina is the founder of Power Goals Academy, a 2-time International Bestselling author, and the creator of “7 Steps To Success”. 

During the past 20 years she has coached hundreds of top executives on how to achieve greater success in their businesses, and ALL areas of Life.